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Fox Harb'r Resort meetings events site selection

6 Smart Site Selection Tips

Space, dates, rates — that used to be the venue site selection trifecta. Today, thanks to ever savvier travellers, changing attendee demographics and constantly shifting business priorities, picking the best event location can get complicated, especially for smaller groups, specialty programs and incentives.

Yes, where you meet matters. But there’s no need to sweat over the perfect destination. Streamline your site selection process with these six helpful hacks from Nova Scotia’s Fox Harb’r Resort, where experts eat, sleep and breathe bespoke group travel.

  1. Dollars and Senses – To create an event that makes an impact, remember that while we only register 15% of what we hear, our other senses have over 85% recall. Boost contextual learning by selecting a location that is well-equipped to help you incorporate all five senses – sight, smell, taste, and touch – as well as sound – throughout.
    Regardless of your budget, the initial site information package, RFP response, and any sales or catering contacts should all speak to the multi-sensory interplay between spaces, food & beverage, activities, entertainment, technology, and even off-site opportunities. Talking dollars, it can also make sense to consider convenient international destinations with significant exchange-rate savings too.
  2. Logistics Refine Location – Focus on venues that are equipped to facilitate your program from beginning to end. Locations that already have key elements like entertainment and transportation options all worked out free up your valuable time and can help maximize your event budget. With fewer vendors and on-site contacts to juggle, you can concentrate on the actual event experience and attendee satisfaction.
  3. Shareability Spells Success – Even if every attendee isn’t the type to post, today, successful event experiences are the ones that result in real-time sharing. Amplify your event’s impact and brand value by selecting a venue with a strong sense of place, post-worthy visuals, even non-traditional spaces, like an airplane hangar or roof deck. Check the venue’s own social media feeds. And don’t forget to ask your site contact about event elements to encourage sharing, like a photo booth, step-and-repeat, or branded entrance.
  4. Think Outside the City – While major cities will always be desirable meeting spots, smaller places often bring truly unique culture to the site selection process, while offering more bang for even the most generous budget. There’s nothing like nature, and outdoor events, to inspire attendees. Plus, top resorts are proven pros at incorporating “edutainment,” like spa breaks, golf clinics or cooking classes, into even the tightest agenda, engaging your already captive audience even more.
  5. Build for “Bleisure” – Event planner industry stats, like IACC reports, now show over 75% of attendees plan to enjoy leisure activities during their next work trip. The exponential growth of this “bleisure” or “workation” fusion is driven by our universal quest for unique experiences and time-crunched 21st century schedules. Smart planners are refining their site selections based on easy access to a variety of activities, as well as a destination’s overall appeal for pre- and post-stays, companion programs, or split itineraries.
  6. A for Authenticity – Whether you are looking for new venue choices or narrowing down your final site selection, embrace local culture and turn-key experiences that deliver the best of what is available in that destination. Nova Scotia is famed for its shoreline and seafood, as well as a growing winemaking, craft brewing and distilling scene. So, Fox Harb’r options include a boat tour to see seals on the way to a private beach oyster bar, a Lobster 101 lesson, and a wine-tasting dinner among the vines in the resort’s own sea-view vineyard.

Convinced it’s time to add “place” to “space, dates and rates” event planning? Want to learn more about our oceanside Nova Scotia venue? Simply email or visit