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5 Reasons Why Golfing Is the Best in Nova Scotia

According to Elliot Isenor, our Director of Golf Operations, “What makes golf in Nova Scotia the best in the world is it’s wide variety and quality of its golf courses. One day you could be playing a course that offers beautiful ocean views, and the next day it could be a course with rolling hills …

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Why Fox Harb’r Has a Greenhouse Program

We’re unapologetic fans of the Northumberland Shore and the many ways to enjoy it. However, beautiful though it is in every season, it can be a challenging environment, especially for a gardener. Gardening, growing, and landscaping is a major part of what we do here, thanks to our grown on-site vegetables, flowers, and our mix …

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What the Heck Is Pickleball? 

Picture this: either two or four players are standing in a badminton court. It’s divided by a net a little lower than a tennis net. They’re paddles that look like ping pong paddles. And they’re hitting a whiffle ball. If you’re picturing a mash-up of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, you’re spot on.  In a nutshell, …

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