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5 Reasons Why You Should Come Home to Nova Scotia in 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Come Home to Nova Scotia in 2019

Like a lot of Nova Scotians, maybe you’ve had to leave. Maybe you were pulled away by a career. Or you moved for the sake of family. Or you left for some other opportunity and just haven’t had the chance to come back.

Well, maybe it’s time to come home. We bet there’s a little Nova Scotia missing from your life.

It’s Getting Pretty Artisanal Around Here

Breweries, cheese makers, cideries, lavender farms, orchards, distilleries, vineyards . . . whatever small batch, artisanal thing you want, you can get it here. In fact, explore a bit and you’ll start to find all kinds of things you didn’t know you want but just have to have. Wild blueberry vodka? Yes, please.

The Ocean

Canada is a country of lakes. We have something like two million of them. And they’re very nice.

But there’s nothing quite like the ocean. Nothing beats standing on the shore and looking out across the all-consuming horizon, except maybe for watching a magnificent Atlantic storm from behind the shelter of a thick window while you’re safely ensconced in a cozy living room. And the views are just the beginning. The ocean provides a year-round bounty of seafood, amazing sailing, rich cultural history, and makes every day a little more breath-taking.

Even golf by the ocean is a whole new challenge.

Nothing Beats Fresh Seafood

Sure, when it comes to shipping seafood, they can do amazing things these days. Live lobster can be found in fishmongers and supermarkets far away from the sea, fresh (never frozen) fish gets shipped overnight, and in a pinch, even the flash frozen stuff isn’t half bad. But let’s be honest: there’s nothing like eating lobster so fresh that it was pulled from the ocean not a couple hours prior.

And of course, you can ensure optimal freshness by going out and getting your own. Quahog digging, anyone?

It’s the Most Beautiful Place in Canada

Sure, everyone else will disagree. But what do they know? If you’re a local, you know that nowhere else has such a range of beautiful spots. Like what? Like Lunenberg on an early misty morning. Or the autumn leaves you can find on the Cabot Trail. Or the fortress at Louisbourg. Or the red soil in the Valley. Or the blue-green waters in the quarries near Cheticamp. Or the spectacular, warm beaches of the Northumberland Shore. We could go on.

So You Can Show Outsiders What Nova Scotia Is Really Like

No doubt you’ve played this little parlour game: you’re at a social occasion, someone mentions that they’re thinking of visiting Nova Scotia, and suddenly your expertise is required. You need to tell them all the secret spots, which attractions are really just tourist traps, and whether or not they’ve made smart plans.

But we all know that there’s no better guide than a local, when you want to introduce Nova Scotia to a non-Maritimer, why not take matters into your own hands and show them around yourself?

The next time you return home to Nova Scotia, why not bring a few friends and give them the best possible taste of Nova Scotia life?  Or even better, why not invite them to experience all that Nova Scotia has to offer from your own seasonal home in the province?


Fox Harb’r Resort is proud to offer the homes of Marina Landing.  With sparkling glass and graceful woods, long and wide and overflowing with ocean light, these are as much galleries as homes, framing uninterrupted views of our marina, lighthouse, championship golf course and most of all, the Northumberland Strait. To be completed in 2020, these are the defining statement of Fox Harb’r founder Ron Joyce’s original vision for our 5-star resort: “Luxury without pretension, in one of themost beautiful places on earth.” Start your journey immediately by contacting Eric Lum at (902) 412-4812 or or by visiting

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Fox Harb'r-Resort Marina Landing Construction

Marina Landing Brings Residential Development to Fox Harb’r Waterfront

Construction is officially underway at the newest Fox Harb’r Resort residential development, Marina Landing, an enclave of only 12 sleek, two and four-bedroom Nova Scotia luxury homes right on the secluded Northumberland Shore, 90-minutes from Halifax.

Underground services installation and lot excavation are in progress. Marina Landing home exteriors will be completed next year, with inside work also starting next winter. Interior finishing and landscaping for the new Marina Landing residences will be done in summer 2020. And to avoid any disruption to residents, all 12 Marina Landing homes are being built out simultaneously.

Modern Living at Fox Harb’r Resort’s Deep-Water Marina

Designed by Halifax’s DRSA Architecture with interior finishes by Toronto’s DesignAgency, Marina Landing’s understated retreats are scaled to integrate seamlessly with the hillside surrounding Fox Harb’r Resort’s deep-water marina and landmark lighthouse.

Angled rooflines and dramatic glass fronts maximize each single-level home’s ocean views and natural light. Open plan great rooms, premium natural finishes and extensive flagstone terraces reflect the charm of waterfront living within. In addition, two stylish Marina Landing interior finishing packages are available so owners can choose their look  and enjoy turn-key vacation home ownership.

Marina Landing: Nova Scotia Vacation Homes with Five-Star Resort Services

“Meantime, the Fox Harb’r resort experience is already fully established,” says Kevin Toth, president of Fox Harb’r. “All our residents enjoy a genuine East Coast lifestyle along with their new home.”

“As a Fox Harb’r homeowner, you can play golf, get room service or  party catering, use the indoor pool, tennis, fitness and yoga rooms, make spa appointments, enjoy exclusive member events and do everything from sport shooting to paddle boarding and horseback riding, right here,” Toth notes.

Marina Landing luxury vacation homes start at $550,000 for 2-bedroom plus den residences and $675,000 for 4-bedroom residences. Additional Fox Harb’r home ownership opportunities range from $169,900 for 12 annual weeks of townhome ownership, to $1.6 million for fully furnished, move-in-ready detached homes. Serviced lots for custom build luxury homes are also available.

“What  Fox Harb’r owners appreciate most – as either vacationers or year-round residents – is the combination of a truly carefree residence and our Nova Scotia resort’s unique features,” explains Real Estate Sales & Marketing Manager Eric Lum.

World-Class Golf in Nova Scotia, Around the World

Beyond the resort’s top-rated Graham Cooke championship golf course and 9-hole executive course, Fox Harb’r homeowners also enjoy access to Pacific Links global golf course collection. Stand-out Fox Harb’r Resort features include a fully serviced private runway, one of North America’s top NSCA-accredited sport shooting ranges, and true farm-to-table dining.

In 2015, Fox Harb’r even established its own Nova Scotia resort vineyard in partnership with neighbouring Jost Vineyards. And the first Fox Harb’r private label vintage debuts in 2019. A bottle could be just the thing to toast your new Marina Landing home.

To learn more about Fox Harb’r real estate, including Marina Landing, or book a resort tour, visit

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