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How to Birdie Five More Challenging Holes at Fox Harb’r

If you’ve learned a thing or two from our post How to Birdie the Five Most Challenging Holes at Fox Harb’r but want more, then you’re in luck. Our director of golf, Elliott Isenor, is back with more tips on conquering some of our more challenging holes.

Hole One

This is a long, narrow par four. The green is fairly deep, with protection by bunkers left and behind.

Elliott’s Birdie Tip: “It is very important to place your drive down the left side of the fairway, this will give you a shorter approach shot.”

Hole Five

This short par four gives you a great chance at a birdie–if you keep things tight. You want your drive to go between the fairway bunker and the course’s lone oak tree. The green is deep and two-tiered, so keep that in mind if you dislike putting uphill.

Elliott’s Birdie Tip: “Keep your drive left off the tee and make sure you pick the right club for the yardage on your approach shot.”

Hole Six

A long, challenging par four where par is a tough nut to crack. A good drive to the right of the midway bunkers will give you an uphill approach. Beware of the large, deep, irregularly shaped bunker to the right of the green.

Elliott’s Birdie Tip: “Always pick one club more on your approach shot, it plays longer.”

Hole Eleven

Don’t be intimidated by this extra-long uphill par five. After your drive, you’ll be on top of the hill, which will give you a shot at the wider right side of the fairway. And you want to be on the right side, since the green is severely left to right sloped.

Elliott’s Birdie Tip: “It is very important on your approach shot to get the ball on the right tier of green and keep the ball below the hole.”

Hole Seventeen

A beautiful dog leg left par four, you’ll be playing directly along the rugged coast, so be sure to double check the wind before you drive. At the end there’s an elevated green that falls off on both sides.

Elliott’s Birdie Tip: “Keep your tee shot on the right side of the fairway, which will give you a great angle for your approach.”

Clubhouse Talk

You’ll notice, from this and our previous post on birdieing some of our tougher holes, that there’s a tendency towards long, challenging par fours. To do well at any hole you’ll need a powerful, accurate drive, especially one that keeps the ball low and out of the wind coming off the Northumberland Strait. Don’t be intimidated: check out some of our other golf tips or think about joining a clinic to improve.