The Early Days of Golf in Nova Scotia

Golf is a surprisingly old sport. The first written reference to golf dates back to March 6, 1457, in an Act of the Parliament of Scotland, which partly reads: “… it is ordained and decreed … that football and golf be utterly condemned and stopped and that a pair of targets be made at all …

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How to Birdie Five More Challenging Holes at Fox Harb’r

If you’ve learned a thing or two from our post How to Birdie the Five Most Challenging Holes at Fox Harb’r but want more, then you’re in luck. Our director of golf, Elliott Isenor, is back with more tips on conquering some of our more challenging holes. Hole One This is a long, narrow par …

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5 Reasons Why Golfing Is the Best in Nova Scotia

According to Elliot Isenor, our Director of Golf Operations, “What makes golf in Nova Scotia the best in the world is it’s wide variety and quality of its golf courses. One day you could be playing a course that offers beautiful ocean views, and the next day it could be a course with rolling hills …

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