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Why We’re Building a New Golf Course

We’re incredibly proud of our golf course here at Fox Harb’r Resort. Golf has a long history in Nova Scotia and we’re happy that our storied course is part of its history.

But we always want to be better. So we are rethinking everything about our golf offering. And when we are done, Fox Harb’r will feature two new courses. 

Our Rationale

Half of our existing course is parkland golf while the other half is a true links-style course. Many people use the word “links” as a synonym for any golf course, but this is not accurate. Golf was invented on the coast in Scotland, so when you picture a links course, you have to picture gusty winds, rolling hills, tall grasses, and of course, the ocean.

Our plan is to take the links half of our existing course, add nine new links holes, making an entire 18 hole links course. At a later date, we will add another nine holes to our parkland nine holes, so we will also have a 18 hole parkland course, for a total of 36 holes.

Who’s Designing the Course?  

We’re working with designers Thomas McBroom and Doug Carrick. Doug’s been in business since 1985 and has worked across Canada as well as in Austria, Scotland, and South Korea. Thomas has been doing this since around the same time and has also worked across Canada, as well as in England, Finland, and China.

We invited Thomas and Doug to both work on our project. Coincidentally, they also worked together 25 years ago on a project in Niagara.

What Will Make This New Course Distinctive?

We are building an 18-hole golf course in the links style where the Northumberland Strait is its standout feature.

According to Doug, “The style will be quite different. Picture rough and tumbling, natural-looking, oceanside terrain.”

Thomas adds, “We’re adding smaller scale pot bunkers, grass hollows, more grass faces usage. We want to feature the rumbles and rolls of the land. We want green contours that leverage the existing topography. We’re taking a wild and windswept look and making it little more refined, a little more elegant.”

In this new course, the oceanside holes will truly stand out.  The existing holes will be modified to reroute the orientation perpendicular to the water. And on one of the new holes the green will be on a cliff adjacent to the ocean, so you will have to carry the ball over the sea. We’re also opening up views to the water, so beautiful ocean views will be on offer from all over the course.

If you want to compare this to other courses around the world, Thomas tells us to think of Royal Birkdale or Royal St. George’s. Is that a tall order? Perhaps. But as Thomas says, “We’re setting out to make another landmark golf course in Canada.”

When Will Construction Start on the Parkland Course?

The nine parkland holes will have an additional nine holes added to create a whole parkland style golf course, but that project will only be undertaken after the new links course is done. We have named the project “The Vineyard Course” since it will be located near our vineyards. So you will be able to sip some of our own impressive wine after a round in and amongst the vineyards.

Does This Mean the New Course Will Be Unusually Difficult?

No. This course will accommodate everyone from learners to highly skilled golfers. Holes will have multiple routes to success. There’s some width to help golfers move around. Doug notes that, “We’re creating angles of play that will challenge more skilled golfers. There will be some interesting risk and reward strategies.”

Not only can we not wait to play these, we are looking forward to telling you about all the new interesting strategies you can try out.

When Will The New Course Be Completed?

Construction is already underway. All of us here at Fox Harb’r Resort are excited for the new nine to be ready for play in the spring of 2025!